Why regular plumbing inspections are important?

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Why regular plumbing inspections are important? 


Water leaks can go unnoticed. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), household water leaks waste almost a trillion gallons of water yearly around the country. While leaky faucets and water heaters cannot be missed, there are leaks that go undetected even for years. For instance, water supply line leaks are hard to detect because the supply pipe is buried. The leaking water travels along the pipe then goes back to the meter. Toilet leaks can also go undetected because they are silent and out of the sight. 

Three Common Causes of Water Leaks 

While a number of different things can cause leaks, there are three that are seen most often; 

Broken Seals  

All the appliances that are connected to the plumbing system in a house or commercial building have seals. These are placed around water connectors to keep water flowing to where it is needed. Seals are also put around appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers’ doors to ensure water does not leak out of them. Over time, a seal may break. Condensation around an appliance or a puddle near it may be an indicator of a broken seal. Plumbing Services in Calgary can trace the cause of a leak and repair it.  

When the seal around an appliance like a refrigerator, washer, and dishwasher is broken, you will not only be paying for wasted water but also wasted energy. The appliance will use more energy to run because it is losing heat via the broken seal. 

Eroded Pipelines 

Over time, a pumping system ages. This comes with rust and other types of corrosion that eat away the pipes. This is where water will leak from. It is important to have older plumbing systems checked for corrosion. Ideally, these should be replaced with newer systems that are made with materials that are treated to resist rust and other forms of corrosion. Warped or discolored copper pipes should also be checked. Rust does affect water quality which can have repercussions on health. 

Extreme Temperature Changes 

Leaks can also be caused by pipes that have been damaged by extreme changes in temperature. Unexpected and extreme changes can cause pipes to expand and contract as metals typically do. Constant expansion caused by hot water and contraction caused by freezing or very cold water can crack pipes because the walls get thinner and thinner. While this will happen naturally over time, extreme temperature changes make the problem worse. A pipe that is worn out will not retain heat as one that has intact walls. You will thus be paying for the extra energy needed for the pipes to keep water hot. 

Other Causes of Water Leaks 

Water leaks can also be caused by: 

  • Clogged water lines or drains 
  • Damaged pipe joints 
  • High water pressure 
  • Intruding tree roots 
  • Loose water connectors 

The Difference Periodic Checks and Maintenance Can Make 

Apart from wasting water and energy and affecting water quality, undetected leaks can cause other problems. One is causing mildew and mold. These can make a room damp and they can be a health risk when the spores in them are breathed in. Black mold is particularly dangerous. Undetected leaks can also cause water to seep into walls and damage the structural integrity of a room or a whole house or building.  

Bring in the Experts 

If you are in Calgary or the vicinity, Plumbing and Heating Service Calgary can confirm a leak, trace its source and repair it. If you have not scheduled them already, periodic checks by Quicker Rooter are the best Plumbing and Heating Service in Calgary. Our plumbers will catch small problems if any before they become big ones that are costly and difficult to repair. Get in touch and bring in the experts! 

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