5 Reasons to Call a 24-hour Emergency Plumber

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When you have a plumbing problem, you usually feel compelled to fix it yourself right away to save money. It’s also common to assume that plumbing service rates are expensive, particularly when an emergency occurs late at night, on weekends, or during holidays. That is not the case at all with Quick Rooter Plumbing & Heating. We take pride in providing excellent service at a reasonable cost. Although some minor plumbing problems can wait, it’s critical to know when to call and when to wait. 

What is considered as a plumbing emergency? 


Flooding caused by a failed sump pump, broken pipes, sewage backups, and water shutoff valve failure are all examples of plumbing emergencies. Flood damage can result in significant structural damage and is a public safety issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Sewage Backup 

When a sewer pipe becomes clogged, the waste accumulates at the back of the line, posing a health hazard. If you notice a backup, it’s also important to avoid using the toilet and running water. 

Frozen Pipes 

With the harsh winters in Canada, frozen pipes are common. When a line freezes, it not only stops water from flowing, but it also expands and cracks, posing a flood risk until it thaws. As a result, it’s critical to know where and how the water shutoff valves are installed. Ask your plumber during their routine maintenance visit if you don’t know. 

Non-emergency plumbing issues 

You can evaluate the extra cost against the benefit of calling when you face a minor plumbing issue.   

 Another thing to consider is because the emergency plumber comes during business hours doesn’t mean they’ll have the equipment or components they need to finish the job on the same day. They might have to order and wait for specific parts to complete the task.   

Although the issues listed below are not considered emergency plumbing issues, it’s always a good idea to be ready to call an emergency plumber in your area if the situation worsens: 

  • A boiler tune-up or a water heater flush are examples of preventative maintenance.  
  • Clogs in slow-moving drains  
  • Work on improvements  
  • Maintenance checks.  
  • Replacement of garbage disposals or ice machine hook-ups are examples of appliance installation.  
  • Repairs to leaking faucets or running toilets are examples of minor repairs. 

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