Clogs are a pain!

A Clean Drain is a Happy Drain

A clogged drain can quickly ruin your day. Call Calgary’s Quicker Rooter to get the water flowing… and fast! Without knowing where or how your lines are blocked, they can be impossible to clear. Quicker Rooter has the equipment and expertise to get to the problem.

The Benefits


  • Avoid pipe damage from tree roots and serious blocks
  • Maintain proper drainage
  • Allow your appliances to function properly
Drain Cleaning Is Our Specialty!


35 years has taught us how to manage clogs of all kinds. We specialize in the equipment and know-how to clean drains.
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Things You should Know

Drain Cleaning FAQs

First try running hot water, in case there is an easily cleared block. If the problem continues, check if there is any debris you can remove (a straightened coat hanger does the trick) and then pour in some vinegar. If this still doesn’t work, try combining vinegar with baking soda. ONLY use enough baking soda to slightly fizz the vinegar. Too much can cause damage to pipes. 

If none of the above solutions work, drain cleaners like Drano or Liquid Plumber should be used as directed. Leaving chemical cleaners in for long periods can corrode pipes. Only use drain cleaner for shorter periods of time and flush the pipe with hot water afterward. Never mix these chemicals. 

We provide a sewer camera inspection on lines of 1 ½” and up by using a high-definition camera that we can snake through your drain.