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A good diagnosis leads to a good solution. Calgary Quicker Rooter uses a sophisticated camera to give us the information we need to get your pipes clean.

Let’s Take A Look

So, the bathrooms are important. We don’t usually think about them… until they stop working. Even everyday operations can cause simple toilet and sink clogs that can stop you from using your bathroom.

We Have the Equipment to Find the Problem

We Have the Equipment to Find the Problem

We can ensure quality of work because our state of the art equipment allows us to know exactly how to clear your sewer lines.

Our Capabilities

  • A camera that can fit in lines of 1 ½” and up
  • Maneuverable controls to get all the way through the pipe
  • High definition cameras to accurately see the blockage 
  • Video provided to help you understand the issue

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    What Our Customers Say About Our Inspections

    Our business toilet was badly clogged and the situation was ugly. Quicker Rooter came and used a camera to inspect the drain and solved the problem. They were professional, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonable. I love this plumbing company.” – Cathie Dunklee-Donnell

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    Pipe & Sewer Inspection Video FAQs

    Can I See The Video?

    Yes! We provide you with a copy of the video to help you better understand our options for a solution.

    Does a Camera Inspection Help?

    A visual inspection makes all the difference in finding out how your sewer and pipes are blocked. This allows us to suggest the most efficient way of unclogging them.

    Is It Difficult To Do?

    Our equipment and experience make it easy! With a camera that can fit pipes as small as 1 ½”, we can easily and quickly find the problem.

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    Examples of Our Work

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