Fixture Repair & Installation

Just Like New!

Fixture Repair & Installation

Fixtures and faucets need to flow! Maybe they are damaged, maybe they’re just…ugly? Our team will help find and suggest the right replacements or repairs for you. Fixture installation or repair, is just one call away.

What We Can Repair


  • Sinks, faucets, drains, and pipes
  • Toilet pipes and porcelain
  • Hot water tanks and drain valves
What Can Happen?


  • Leaking can cost a lot in wasted water and hot water energy
  • Corrosion from constant water flow
  • Water damage under your sink
Enquire for Same-Day Or Emergency Plumbing/Heating Service
Things You should Know

Fixture Repair & Installation FAQs

Our experts will explain the issue and your options clearly. They will give you choices for your repair and replacement options and provide honest advice on what will be best. 

Quicker Rooter manages mechanical failures and problems that develop in hot water tanks. We can replace and install new parts or whole new tanks to keep your water hot. 

Sometimes larger objects like toys can get jammed in pipes. If you’re not able to remove it, we have the right equipment to clear the line.