Top 4 Questions to Ask Commercial Plumbers

Does it seem overwhelming to choose a plumbing company? There may be a large list of commercial plumbing companies in Calgary to call, but what should you ask a plumbing company before they begin work? Here are the 4 top questions to ask commercial plumbers:

Do they charge a fee for an estimate?

A lot of companies tout free estimates for all sorts of projects. However, do commercial plumbing companies Calgary actually offer free estimates — or do they charge a fee even for estimates? This should be the first question you ask before hiring a plumbing company. Don’t just assume that your estimate will be free.

Furthermore, make sure you’re clear about what an estimate means. Does the estimate include labor? Does it include parts? Are there any contigencies if (for any reason) the job turns out to be much larger than initially expected?

Do they offer a warranty?

A reputable plumber should offer a one-year warranty on their products. However, particular jobs may be covered in specific circumstances like perhaps full replacement is only an option after a leak occurs. Don’t rely on a guarantee over the phone or in-person: get any type of warranty in writing so you have a record of it.

Get the plumber’s license number and insurance information, too. According to, “The best plumbing contractors are licensed, bonded, insured, and are happy to answer questions about their business.”

Will you be billed hourly or at a flat-rate?

It’s so important to ask commerical plumbing companies Calgary how they will bill you. Do they charge for plumbing installations or repairs by:

  • the hour
  • a flat rate
  • square footage

Furthermore, do they have a service call fee? What does an emergency visit typically cost?

Ask for references

Don’t be afraid to ask plumbing companies for references. Sure, there may be raving reviews on the plumbing company’s website. However, those reviews may just be too good to be true. They should easily be able to connect you with all sorts of happy customers around the Calgary area. It seems intimidating to find the best commercial plumbing companies in Calgary. Basically, you need to ask each company 4 questions so you know what they charge, if they’ll stand behind their work, what your true expenses will be, and how to connect with customers they have a repertoire with.

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