4 Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

Your home’s plumbing system is probably taken for granted. Day after day, year after year, it’s faithfully supplying your sinks and appliances with the water needed to power your life. It’s also constantly getting rid of wastewater. It can’t work perfectly forever though. So, when you need plumbing services Calgary, we hope you’ll allow us the pleasure to service your system.

Here are four commonly asked plumbing questions:

Why does my toilet keep running?

Do you hear dripping water near the toilet? Are you hearing a “phantom flush”? No, your toilet isn’t haunted, but it’s a little unnerving when you hear flushing and refilling of the tank periodically — especially when you haven’t touched it. Most likely, you have an older flapper or flapper seat that is leaking and needs replacement.

If not, one of these issues may be to blame:

  • The float needs to be lowered because there’s too much water in the tank.
  • The refill tube (or overflow pipe) is positioned incorrectly or is too long, constantly pumping water into the bowl.
  • According to, “Dirt particles and debris from your home’s water line could be clogging the fill valve assembly.”

What can go down the garbage disposal?

It’s tempting to throw anything down the garbage disposal. But, it has its limits. Here’s what can safely go down the disposal:

  • Small, cut citrus rinds
  • Small bones
  • Fruit, fibrous vegetable, and cooked meat scraps
  • Small amounts of coffee grounds

Why do I keep running out of hot water?

You could have a malfunctioning hot water heater if you’re always out of hot water. The average traditional style works for about 12-15 years, while tankless units can last over 20. Do you have a pilot light on your heater? If so, perhaps it’s gone out. Or, if running out of hot water is constantly an issue, your hot water heater may be too small for your home.

Why does my drain clog?

Have you tried to clear a clog with hot water, vinegar, and baking soda? Do you have your drains cleaned annually to prevent clogs? Annual drain cleaning clears out food, hair, or soap scum that could cause clogs in your plumbing.

Are you having issues with leaking toilets, garbage disposals, hot water heaters, or clogged drains? Plumbing services Calgary can fix those issues — and many more. Give Quicker Rooter a call, and let’s check these problems off your to-do list.

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