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Leaky shower heads? here's how to fix them!

Drip, drip, drrrip… A leaky showerhead is annoying, but it also wastes water — which isn’t environmentally friendly and costs you money. The good news is that you can likely fix this problem yourself without a plumbing company in Calgary. It will take time and patience, but there are probably only a few issues causing the problem: a clogged showerhead, an O-ring or washers needing replacement.  


Before diving into the problem, see if you can determine whether the dripping water feels hot or cold. This will help you indicate which supply line to shut off. These water supply lines likely have handy levers near the shower faucets. If you have a tub/shower combination, a diverter valve is used as part of the plumbing so that you may see a lever or push-pull rod near the faucet. In older homes, shut-offs may be found behind the wall or in the basement.  

Tips from a plumbing company in Calgary  


Unclogging a Shower Head  


A clogged showerhead can’t drain quickly. So you may notice dripping right after a shower. Then, after a while, it completely stops.  


  • You’ll need to unscrew the showerhead from the wall counterclockwise. (If the pipe isn’t leaking, the showerhead is probably the culprit.)  
  • Submerge the showerhead in a bowl of white vinegar solution for at least 8 hours to get rid of mineral deposits.  
  • Poke debris out the holes with a toothpick.   
  • Brush holes with a stiff brush.  
  • Remount the showerhead.  


Replacing O-ring or Washers In The Shower Faucet  


A failing O-ring may also cause dripping in the showerhead or washers in shower faucets. The water eventually breaks down everything it touches — even rubber. (Take old washers or O-rings to your local hardware store for help purchasing correct replacements.)  


  • Replace the O-ring in the back of the showerhead while it soaks.  
  • Pop decorative caps off faucet handles.  
  • Unscrew handles.  
  • Take handles off.  
  • Use a deep socket wrench to take out the stems.  
  • Replace the washers with new ones precisely the same size/thickness.  
  • Reassemble.  


Repairing a leaky showerhead can be an inexpensive fix: it’s usually a plugged showerhead or a washer or O-ring needing replacement. With a bit of time and patience, you can generally knock out this home maintenance project after work or during a weekend.  

If you happen to need further help or need to tackle a larger plumbing project, call to schedule an inspection with plumbing company Calgary: Quicker Rooter. We’ll be there to help in no time!  


Photo credits: Pixabay