Why is a Plumbing Inspection Important?

One crucial element of home maintenance is to have regular check-ups, just like how you look after your own health with an annual physical at your doctor. That’s why it’s so important to have residential plumbers on call that you can rely on for a plumbing inspection. Plumbing inspections are an important part of being and becoming a homeowner. Here’s why.

When Buying a New Home

The biggest reason to have a plumbing inspection done is when you’re buying a new home. After all, you want to have peace of mind in your new home that everything is functional and up to code. Not having a plumbing inspection done can leave you in a potentially difficult situation, thus it’s important to make sure that one gets done by certified residential plumbers before you make that final purchase.

When Selling Your Home

A plumbing inspection is something that you should seriously consider including in a whole home inspection when you decide to sell your home. There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to do so. The biggest one is that it can get you a premium selling price on your home, as it makes it clear to potential buyers that there are no hidden problems to be concerned about.

For Preventative Maintenance

Now, this isn’t a whole home inspection – you might just be having certain aspects of your plumbing looked at to be sure that everything is functioning as it should and that there’s nothing that requires your immediate attention. You might do this during the spring, having your sump pump inspected, for instance. Every few years, though, it’s recommended that you have a whole plumbing inspection performed, just to evaluate the state of your home’s plumbing system and catch anything that might need a quick fix.

If You’ve Got Reno Plans

If you’ve got plans to renovate, then you might want to look at having residential plumbers come out and conduct a plumbing inspection. After all, if you’ve got plans to tear out walls and moving fixtures around, you might as well take the time to see if there’s anything that needs repairs or replacing while you’re at it.

Plumbing inspections are important, and not just when you’re buying or selling your home. They’re an important part of preventative home maintenance, which is why you need trusted and reliable residential plumbers to help you out when it’s time for one. That’s why you need Quicker Rooter. Give us a call or visit us online today!

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