4 Signs Your Toilet Needs Replacing

It can be tricky to know when to replace a toilet. After all, it’s not like toilets are a frequent or preferred topic of conversation around the dinner table. But it’s important to know the signs of when your toilet needs replacing. Here’s a short, handy guide brought to you by your local Calgary plumber on the signs to watch out for that signal it’s time to replace your toilet.

Never-ending Clogs

It’s pretty well-known that toilets clog occasionally. But if you’re resorting to the plunger every other day – and it’s not because of preventable activities – then you’ve got a serious problem with your toilet. The older a toilet is, then the more susceptible they are to random clogs.

You’re likely going to need a Calgary plumber to come in and check to make sure that the clogs aren’t being caused by a problem that’s deeper in your plumbing than the toilet. But if that isn’t the case, then you’re going to want to consider replacing your toilet with a new one.

Constantly in Need of Repairs

If you’re feeling like you’re playing the role of the weekend plumber, then you’ve got a problem. While sometimes a part can break down or need replacing, you need to take the time to way the costs of replacement parts and your time against the cost of just outright replacing your toilet altogether. If you find yourself spending one weekend (or more) a month working on fixing your toilet, then it’s time to replace it.

Your Toilet is as Old as You

Like all appliances and fixtures, toilets don’t last forever. But an old toilet can still function, even if it’s not as efficient as a newer model. But that’s something you’ll need to factor into your decision – a newer toilet could save you money on your water bill. But what this comes down to, ultimately, is that if your toilet is 25 years or older, then replacing it is a good idea to consider.

Crack in the Tank

Noticing water pooling around the base of your toilet? You might have a crack in your toilet’s tank. You might not be able to find the crack, in which case it’s time to call in a local Calgary plumber to find the source of the problem. Now, if the crack is below the water line, you’re looking at least at replacing the entire tank – most homeowners choose to replace the entire toilet if that’s the case. But that’s a decision you will have to make for yourself.

Hopefully, these signs help you recognize when your toilet’s time has come. If you find yourself in need of a local Calgary plumber to help you with replacing your toilet, then Quicker Rooter has you covered. Give us a call today!

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