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Call Our Plumbing Services If Your Toilet Runs Constantly

Is your toilet always running? Well, our plumbing services Calgary are here for you. In the majority of the older houses, essentially those that have not had bathroom renovations, older toilets could be flushing approximately eight gallons of water per flush which is higher than modern toilets that operate at the current standard of 1.6 gallons per flush.   

Why is your Toilet Constantly Running? 


Plumbing Services for Toilet Tank Issues  

If you hear water running continuously into your toilet, the problem might be in the water tank. To be sure about it, remove the lid on your tank and put some food colouring drops in the standing water. Then, leave your toilet for about half an hour without flushing. Has the food colouring migrated into the bowl? If yes, you have a running water leak. You can resolve this by adjusting the water level by changing the height of the float ball.  

The Toilet Flapper Ball 

The flapper is supposed to seal the water in the tank. To check if your flapper is functioning, lift the lid off your toilet tank and depress the flush handle. The toilet flapper should lift and release water into the toilet bowl. After releasing enough water, the flapper drops and seals the tank to get refilled. If it does not fit properly, you will realize that the water will not stop flowing into the bowl. You need to note that flappers have materials that decay over time. Keep monitoring it to replace it as soon as you notice it’s not functioning.  

The Toilet Chain 

A toilet chain connects the toilet flapper. Long ones are likely to tangle, so you should untangle or unhook at the top and rehook it one knot shorter. But, make sure the toilet flapper can still fit.  

The Float Ball and Float Arm 

When you flush your toilet and the toilet tank is filling, the float ball position dictates when the water should stop entering the tank. To determine if the problem is in this area, gently lift the ball and observe if the running water stops flowing. If it does, then the problem is at that point. To correct this, you should bend the float rod downwards. 

If the above solutions do not fix your running toilet, you may have a faulty stuck fill valve or ballock assembly. They are easy to replace as they come with installation manuals. Remember to buy equipment that is compatible with those already assembled. 

 If you need plumbing services in Calgary, call us, and we will identify the problem and solve it right away.  



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