4 Common Questions About Video Pipe Inspections

If you’re experiencing a problem with your sewer connection or a problem with your pipes, but aren’t sure where the problem is, then it can be frustrating. However, with video pipe inspections provided by your local plumbing company in Calgary, you’ve got a solution. A video pipe inspection is a utility location tool and an excellent way to locate problems within your plumbing system.

What’s the process for a video pipe inspection?

If you’ve got a leak, suspected damaged pipe, or an obstruction that just can’t be located, that’s where you call in for a video pipe inspection. What a video pipe inspection consists of is a camera attached to a flexible fibre optic scope that’s inserted into the plumbing system.

Technicians monitor the feed live as the camera traverses the length of the pipe, which allows them to evaluate the condition and locating the problem – or even potential problems – that needs fixing. The camera also comes with a transmitter, that allows the technicians to know and mark where the problem is located. Once the problem’s been located and identified, then your technician can advise you on the steps needed to fix it.

What problems can be diagnosed?

There are a variety of problems and diagnostics that a video pipe inspection can help with, including:

  • Grease buildup and clogs;
  • Locating breaks, corrosion, or punctures;
  • Locate root intrusion(s);
  • Detect potential weak points or potential future problems;
  • And more!

A video pipe inspection is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to plumbing maintenance and fixes.

When are video pipe inspections recommended?

Generally, video pipe inspections are recommended (and useful) in the following situations:

  • Difficult to find leaks or blockages;
  • Repeat problems with drains or backups;
  • Before you purchase a home.

What are the advantages of a video pipe inspection?

There are numerous advantages to having a video pipe inspection performed, which include that it’s a less expensive than exploratory excavation and there’s a reduced cost for labour to locate and fix the problem. Additionally, emergency situations can be quickly resolved and you can prevent certain problems from occurring entirely!

If you’re looking at having a plumbing inspection done or have a hard to locate plumbing problem, then a video pipe inspection could be the answer! Call your local plumbing company in Calgary, Quicker Rooter, a call today!

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