3 Common Plumbing Emergencies

When you’ve got a plumbing emergency, it can cause much panic, especially if you’re not sure what’s wrong. You need to know to call a Calgary emergency plumber to deal with the issue. Here are three common plumbing emergencies that require a call to an emergency plumber.

Leaking Water Heater

If you notice water around or under your water heater, then that’s a plumbing emergency. Your water heater is an essential appliance in your home, and if it’s leaking, that’s a sign that it either needs repair or it might need to be replaced entirely. Whichever the case might be if you notice that your water heater’s leaking, call an emergency plumber immediately and shut off the water to the heater.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most common and most damaging plumbing emergencies. The repairs from a burst pipe, mainly if left untreated for too long, are extensive and expensive. If you notice a leak or water where it shouldn’t be, you might have a leak or a burst pipe. You need to call an emergency plumber immediately and shut off your home’s main water supply valve.

Sewer System Backup

Having your sewer system back-up is an emergency, not just in terms of plumbing but it poses a significant health risk, too.  Having raw sewage backup into your home needs to be dealt with immediately and by professionals in cleaning it up. That’s why if you have a sewer system backup, you need to call an emergency plumber immediately.

Call a Calgary Emergency Plumber

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, then you need to know who to call. Calling a Calgary emergency plumber doesn’t need to be intimidating. If you’ve got an emergency, give Quicker Rooter a call today!

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