Top 3 Bathroom Fixture Problems

It’s not uncommon to run into problems with your bathroom’s fixtures. These include problems with toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. You might need to call your local Calgary plumber if you experience any of the following problems.

Running Toilets

If your toilet is constantly running, it’s both an annoyance and expensive problem. It can quickly and easily run up your water bill to astronomical levels. That means that it’s important that you get it fixed. Diagnosing the problem can be difficult, so it’s a good idea to consult with your local Calgary plumber to know what to do and how to fix it.

Low Water Pressure

If you’re experiencing low water pressure from one or two of your bathroom’s fixtures, than the problem is likely down to a mineral build-up. Water is full of minerals that can accumulate in your pipes and on your fixtures which can cause blockages that affect your water pressure. The easiest solution to these is to keep the exteriors of your fixtures clean and free of mineral build-up. If that doesn’t solve your issue, you will need to call in a Calgary plumber to fix the issue.

Leaks and Clogs

Clogs and leaks are the most common, and irritating, problems that can occur in your bathroom. You can take care of most clogs yourself, using commercially available drain cleaners or a plunger, but if you have a leak it’s better to call a Calgary plumber, as they usually indicate a bigger problem. Additionally, leaving leaks untreated can lead to further, more expensive, problems in your bathroom.

If you’re experiencing problems in your bathroom to do with your fixtures, knowing how to handle them can bring you a sense of ease. Got questions? Give Quicker Rooter a call! We’re your local Calgary plumber when you need us!

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