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Before sewer cameras became available, determining the location and cause of a pipe or drain blockage took a long time and could be very costly. If rooting out the problem was unsuccessful, the next step involved guessing the location of the clog, digging, and hoping for the best. Needless to say that in those days, drain cleaning was much more difficult for plumbers.  Thankfully those days are over for us at Quicker Rooter Plumbers! We’re now able to see exactly what’s causing a clog and where it is within minutes – in a non-destructive way. My sewer camera is what lets me do this.


Benefits of Sewer Cameras


Here’s an infographic displaying the benefits of using a sewer camera for a clogged drain over guesswork and excavation.


How does it work?

The component used is a long, tough fibre optic cable with a high quality camera at its head. I watch a screen while feeding the cable down the affected pipe, winding and twisting it until the problem is found. This is a specialized and professional piece of equipment, capable of snaking through up to 200 feet of pipe straight to where it feeds into the main sewer line.  It also results in a high quality video that can be reviewed after the fact, or kept for personal files.

Check out an actual video of our camera at work right here, discovering a tree root that has grown into a pipe:



Once the blockage or problem is located, we have a clear, high quality, and colour image of exactly what we’re dealing with. A radio transmitter allows for the exact location and depth to be determined. What once took many hours of guessing (and potentially digging!) is accomplished in a matter of minutes. I can now see exactly the cause and nature of the blockage; what it is, how persistent it is, and most importantly what sort of equipment or action will be needed to dislodge it and complete the drain cleaning.



Not only is it possible to find major problems very quickly, but also to get a good view of the state of the pipe in general, locating any potential problem areas and easily determining what course of action to take next.

What Plumbing Issues are Actually Emergencies?

You can’t fix everything with standard household tools. After all, there’s a reason plumbers go through rigorous professional training and have to earn licenses: lots of plumbing problems are really hard to fix!


If you notice any of the following red flags, the issue is likely something you can’t handle without a pro. Save yourself time and trouble by calling a licensed plumber to come and help you before the drawback causes serious damage.


  • A water fixture is backed up… with sewage. Not every backed-up pipe is a reason to panic, but if the backup is the wrong color (or smell) then you could be dealing with a backed-up sewer line. Raw sewage is obviously a health hazard, and you won’t be able to use your water fixtures until the backup has been fixed — so it’s best to call for help as soon as you possibly can. Only a trained plumber will be able to handle the hazardous materials safely and restore your pipes to a usable condition.

Look for: brown/black water coming out of water fixtures, terrible odours.


  • You have no running water. Running water is a basic necessity for just about every building, since it’s nearly impossible to cook or clean without it. If you can’t get a steady stream from any of the water fixtures in your property, there’s a good chance you’ll need a plumber to check the water main that supplies the building. However, this task is much more complicated than it sounds — it’s not simply a matter of flicking an on/off switch, and in some cases it can cause leaks if performed improperly. In the vast majority of cases, you should let professionals handle any work that involves messing around with your building’s water supply systems.

Look for: dry taps and showerheads, possibly with creaking sounds


  • You suspect your pipes are frozen. If you have large water fixtures with pipes that run near the outside of your house (like basement utility sinks), you might want to let a trickle of hot water run through them on cold winter nights to prevent your pipes from freezing. A frozen pipe can not only block water from coming through — it can also crack when the weather warms up, which causes the material from which it is made to thaw and warp. If you suspect that your pipes might be frozen, stop using the attached water fixtures immediately and call for help. Trained plumbers will know how to prevent and repair freezing pipes, and will also be able to replace them if necessary. Be wary if it’s below zero degrees outside and you spot frost collecting around any of your pipes.

Look for: frosty pipes, cold temperatures outside


Plumbing Emergencies Can’t Wait


There are plenty of other issues, such as running toilets and slow running drain clogs, that you might not feel comfortable fixing on your own — but these don’t necessarily count as plumbing emergencies. It’s only a true emergency if the problem needs immediate professional attention to prevent further (and often costly) damage. Sewage backups, lack of running water, and frozen pipes are three perfect examples of issues that you shouldn’t wait to fix or try to repair by yourself. Keep an eye out for the signs listed above, and call Quicker Rooter Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for help.



What would come next?



No clog is exactly the same and eliminating a particular blockage often requires specialized drain cleaning or pipe clearing action. The variety of potential stoppages causing a clog is a list without end: rocks, grease, hair, debris, food, paper material, flushed toys, penetrating tree roots, other kinds of growth, a combination – I’ve really seen it all!

Having such useful diagnostic equipment means I can decide on the most cost effective course of action, providing the best value to the client. At this point, there are many tools I have at my disposal to eliminate whatever the camera has found.  Rather than cycling through the equipment and hoping for the best, I know exactly which one to turn to without delay.


In the case of the video above, the camera showed us we were dealing with an ingrown root.  We knew to immediately turn to our rooter (or snake) with a cutting head attached, no guesswork required!   More difficult problems might require more sophisticated pipe clearing equipment, such as a power auger or a power jetting machine.  The camera lets us be in and out more quickly, letting you get on with your day, and saving you money. It has become one of our most important pieces of equipment! And is why we are called Quicker Rooter.  Our sewer camera and all our specialized rooter and drain cleaning equipments lets us solve your sewer problems more quickly and more cost-effectively.

Whatever the action needed may be, it’s only with the sewer camera that allows me to know. When it comes to finding awesome Calgary plumbers, we have the equipment and expertise to give you the best value for your time and money.

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