4 Common Heating Problems

There are few things more frustrating than a heating system that isn’t working correctly. In fact, it’s downright frustrating when your furnace won’t switch on in Calgary’s harsh, long winters. You’ll need plumbing and heating service in Calgary when you’re dealing with furnace woes. Here are 4 common heating problems:

1. Furnace/Heating System Won’t Turn On

You power up the thermostat for the season and nothing happens. Before panicking, ensure that the unit is getting power:

  • Check that there isn’t a tripped breaker.
  • Is the on/off switch near the unit turned “on”?
  • Is the thermostat turned up enough so that the system will turn on?

After troubleshooting these possible causes, you’ll need to give us a call so we can get your furnace up and running again.

2. Furnace Doesn’t Ignite

The furnace just won’t light! Take a deep breath, and go through the steps listed for common problem #1 above. Next, check if the air filter has been changed recently. Replace if necessary. If those solutions don’t work, perhaps the gas line supply valve outside your home is shut off or your propane tank is empty. (Turn on another gas appliance and see if it fires up.) If these issues aren’t the cause, you may be dealing with a faulty or dirty ignition switch.

3. Thermostat Not Functioning

These are the main issues that cause a non-functioning thermostat:

  • Dead batteries or no power. (The display is off. Has a fuse blown or a breaker been tripped?)
  • It has an improperly calibrated anticipator and needs to be replaced.
  • The components or connections are loose or dirty. (Try cleaning them with a compressed air can.)

4. Furnace Short Cycles

A short cycling furnace repeatedly turns on and off before it reaches the desired temperature indicated by your thermostat. This is a serious problem, and it needs a solution as quickly as possible.

Is a thermostat malfunctioning? Does the furnace have a dirty air filter? If not, some of the other main causes could be:

  • constant system overheating
  • an oversized furnace unit
  • air leaks
  • a blower motor issue
  • an exhaust vent issue

According to TheDailyThrive.com, “A short cycling furnace can cause your home heating system to break down prematurely. If your furnace is short cycling and you can’t fix the problem by yourself, contact a professional HVAC technician immediately.”

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