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Our Albertan climate and high altitude make for extremely low-moisture air. Quicker Rooter can keep your humidifier going so the dry doesn’t get you down!

Don’t Dry Out!

Humidifiers can run for extended periods of time in our climate to combat the dry air. As a result, they require maintenance to stay functioning at their best.

Humidifiers Need Help

Maintenance Requirements

  • Calcium build-up 
  • Filter particle build-up 
  • Component part deterioration and failure

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Humidity is Healthy!

Air that is too dry can have adverse health effects. A properly functioning humidifier can contribute to health in the winter months when it is particularly dry.

Advantages of a Humidifier 

  • Healthy skin and hair
  • Reducing allergies from particles in the air 
  • Assisting with dry coughs

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    Great Service! We received a very prompt response to our service request. Our technician, Alex, was outstanding! He was a true professional. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and effective in his work. At the same time he was very neat and left the work area neat and clean. I would use this firm again without hesitation. Nice to see this kind of service and professionalism in this day and age.” – William Hutton

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    Humidifier FAQs

    What Can Happen Without Humidifier Servicing?

    Humidifiers moisturize air that passes through a filter. As a result, the filter will eventually generate a build up. Without proper maintenance, the humidified air will begin to have difficulty functioning, smell bad, or aggravate allergies. Regular service is suggested.

    What Is Recommended Humidity?

    Between 30-50% humidity is suggested. Many humidifier fixtures should be able to gauge and set the humidity for your house.

    Do Humidifiers Require a Lot of Power?

    Typically, humidifiers do not require a significant amount of power. However, it is important to ensure that your humidifier is set to the proper level so that it is working efficiently.

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