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Sometimes a plunger just won’t do it. Don’t worry about dealing with the drain. Our experts are on it

Clear That Clog

So, the bathrooms are important. We don’t usually think about them… until they stop working. Even everyday operations can cause simple toilet and sink clogs that can stop you from using your bathroom.

Because Bathrooms Need To Keep Working

Clog Causes

  • Nail clippings, tissue paper, hair, and waste can be unassuming causes that clog harder than concrete
  • Toddler toys can be a common clog that needs professional care 
  • Accidentally flushing debris

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Kitchen Clogs

Nobody wants a clog in the kitchen where you cook and eat. We can keep your kitchen clean. 

Why Keep It Clean 

  • Hygiene. Food debris and grease can easily block a kitchen drain
  • Slow drainage. A slow draining sink can make it difficult to use
  • Appliance function. Appliances that rely on draining water, such as a dishwasher, can back up food residue if clogged

      Clogged Drains, Sinks & Toilets Are Our Specialty

      Power Flusher: To blast through clogs.

      30 years has made Clogs our forte. We specialize in the equipment and expertise to get any clog cleared completely and quickly. 

      Want to Know How? 
      • Sewer Camera: To investigate the clog and find the best solution.
      • Plumber’s Snake: To maneuver through any line.
      • Power Auger: To drill through even the hardest clogs.

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        What Clients Say About Our Emergency Service

        The plumber came within the agreed upon time frame. He came in and quickly figured out what was wrong.Fixed my clogged sink quickly but did a very thorough job. He double checked to make sure there were no other leaks. He found a small leak and replaced that part. Good job. Price came in as quoted.” – Christa Scholtens

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        Quicker Rooter Emergency Plumbing Service

        Sink and Toilet Clog FAQs

        What If a Large Object Gets Suck?

        Sometimes larger objects like toys can get jammed in pipes. If you’re not able to remove it, we have the right equipment to clear the line.

        Why Is My Toilet Filling Slowly?

        It could be a clogged valve that is stopping your tank from filling with water. Quicker Rooter can clear the valve to allow toilet tanks to fill properly.

        What About My Kitchen?

        We manage any clog in kitchens as well, including garburators. Grease can build up in kitchen sinks and need professional care.

        Call For Same-Day Or Emergency Plumbing/Heating Service

        Examples of Our Work

        Don’t Worry About Clogs Just Call Us

        Calgary’s Clog Experts

        We’ve seen a lot of clogs over the last 30 years, providing us with the experience and know how to quickly unclog almost any drain. Through hardwork, dedication and the right tools, we’ve become dependable unclogging experts.

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        Up front pricing, quality parts and workmanship, 24/7 service, and a 100% guarantee are ingrained in our identity. We are proud to be known for our quality and day after day we continue to reinforce our values. They make us who we are.

        Serving Calgary For Over 30 Years

        We owe our success to the city and its people. From the trust that has developed with our clients, to our suppliers and partners who foster our growth and enable us to provide the quality that defines us.

        Thank you Calgary. To another 30 years!

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