3 Tips To Prevent Plumbing Problems While On Vacation

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3 Tips To Prevent Plumbing Problems While On Vacation 


What happens when plumbing problems occur while you are on vacation? Of course, this is not a question you want to ask when you are getting ready to head off for a relaxing and satisfying vacation. However, nobody wants to face plumbing problems when returning home, so you can perform a few precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. 


What to do Before Heading Out on Vacation 


If you don’t want to come home to a flooded bathroom, basement, or any other area of your home, these three tips will help you prevent plumbing problems. 


Flapper Valve- The flapper valve on your toilet is a leading cause of running toilets and leaks. These valves provide a seal for the flush valve and control the volume of water released into the toilet bowl. Sometimes these valves get hung up. Turn off the water valve and hold the flush handle down until the tank is empty to check this valve. When water is gone, adjust the chain attached to the flapper and make sure it is the correct length. A short chain will prevent the flapper from closing. A long chain won’t allow it to open before the flush is completed. 


Water Heater- If your water heater doesn’t have a vacation mode, you may want to consider turning it off completely. You can also adjust the temperature to its lowest setting to resemble a vacation mode. 


Water Supply– To minimize the risk of water leakage while on vacation, you can shut off the main water supply. If you are familiar with where your main water supply is, turn it off from this location. Your plumbing company Calgary can answer any questions regarding how to shut off the main water supply. 


When heading out on vacation, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Your plumbing company Calgary can help you make your home safe while you enjoy your time away. Quicker Rooter is one of Calgary’s best plumbing companies and is ready to help you with any plumbing issues. 


Who to Call to Prevent Plumbing Issues While on Vacation 


Call Quicker Rooter, plumbing company Calgary. We have more than 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry and can help you keep your home safe while you’re away. 

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